Baker & Finnemore Ltd Starlock® and Starpress Custom Pressings

Baker & Finnemore is situated in central Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, ideally positioned at the hub of the UK’s national motorway network. Since being established in 1850, the company, now widely known as ‘BakFin’, has come a long way from its origins as a producer of high quality dip-type fountain pen nibs. From these beginnings the company has progressed to supplying many different industries with components that could either be pressed or strip-formed from steel, and is today best known as the manufacturer of the world famous Starlock® Push-on Fastener.

The company now has almost 160 years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision pressings in ferrous and non-ferrous materials with particular emphasis on the spring quality type. We have achieved a world-wide reputation for being able to supply quality products for inclusion in many applications for a wide range of industries.

It’s the success of the Starlock® that has earned BakFin its reputation today as the UK’s premier manufacturer of push-on fasteners, and although we produce high volumes of customised precision pressings, the Starlock® Push-on Fastener range forms the lion’s share of output, with 500 million Starlocks manufactured annually, destined for use in around 50 countries across every continent.


Baker & Finnemore Ltd 1850


Baker & Finnemore Building


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Capping


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Design


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Design Office


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Finishing


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Finishing & Riddling


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Heat Treatment


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Hurco


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Nibs


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Progressive Tooling


Baker & Finnemore Ltd. Quality


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Sales Office


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Soddick


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Steel Stores


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Tooling


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Toolroom Hurco


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Wire Eroding


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