Baker & Finnemore News

Baker & Finnemore News

Two key members of the Baker & Finnemore are Paul Watkins-Burke, and Ian Styles, both of them joining the company approximately 5 years ago.

Paul’s responsibilities include purchasing, IT, production planning and general site management. He consistently took the initiative and immersed himself in almost all processes at Baker & Finnemore and successfully reduced costs, improved productivity and visibility to the production process and brought Baker & Finnemore’s computer systems into the 21st century. Starting as Purchasing Manager, Paul has now been promoted to Operations Manager to more accurately reflect the wide range of tasks he takes on board.

Ian Styles joined the company as a young enthusiastic sales clerk with ambition, an open mind and a willingness to learn. Having only two years’ experience in a sales position, Ian had his work cut out to learn Baker & Finnemore’s extensive product range and how the company produces this range, however what was lacked in experience was more than made up for in imitative and Ian quickly gained a ‘no nonsense’ reputation where customer service comes first. Now promoted to Sales Manager continues to run this department with this customer orientated attitude, and continues to gain experience and a disciplined knowledge of all business aspects by furthering his education to Degree Level.



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