Baker & Finnemore Ltd Starlock® and Starpress Custom Pressings

July 20, 2016

Baker & Finnemore is situated in central Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, ideally positioned at the hub of the UK’s national motorway network. Since being established in 1850, the company, now widely known as ‘BakFin’, has come a long way from its origins as a producer of high quality dip-type fountain pen nibs. From these beginnings the company has progressed to supplying many different industries with components that could either be pressed or strip-formed from steel, and is today best known as the manufacturer of the world famous Starlock® Push-on Fastener.

The company now has almost 160 years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision pressings in ferrous and non-ferrous materials with particular emphasis on the spring quality type. We have achieved a world-wide reputation for being able to supply quality products for inclusion in many applications for a wide range of industries.

It’s the success of the Starlock® that has earned BakFin its reputation today as the UK’s premier manufacturer of push-on fasteners, and although we produce high volumes of customised precision pressings, the Starlock® Push-on Fastener range forms the lion’s share of output, with 500 million Starlocks manufactured annually, destined for use in around 50 countries across every continent.


Baker & Finnemore Ltd 1850


Baker & Finnemore Building


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Capping


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Baker & Finnemore Ltd Design Office


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Baker & Finnemore Electro Zinc Plated Starlock® Push On Fasteners

July 19, 2016

Baker & Finnemore Electro Zinc Plated Starlock® Push On Fasteners


BAKFIN Electro Zinc Plated Starlock® Push On Fasteners

The Electro Zinc finish is now available across all of our standard range Starlocks.
Please ask for the ‘AT’ finish. – Note Minimum order quantities may apply.

We have compared genuine original Starlock® products with copied parts. The results have completely shocked us; when comparing the push off loads and salt spray tests!


BAKFIN Original Starlock®



Cheap Copy of BAKFIN Starlock®


Corrosion Protection Original BAKFIN Starlock®:
Salt spray tested to OVER 600 hours before signs of red rust, BAKFIN Original Starlock® after 240 hours salt spray still fine.

Load Test Results:
OVER 475 Kgf push off force


BAKFIN original Starlock® After 240 hours Salt Spray still fine


Corrosion Protection Copy of Starlock® not BAKFIN:
Red rust evident within ONLY 48 hours during salt spray testing.

Load Test Results:
LESS THAN 69 Kgf push off force


Copy Of BAKFIN Starlock® Not Original

Select the best choose Starlock® made by Baker & Finnemore Ltd

New company video

July 11, 2013

New company video Baker & Finnemore Ltd

Starlock® Starpress™

Baker & Finnemore Fire

June 5, 2013

No one was injured thank goodness

We have been manufacturing for over 160 years and we have been bombed during the war and had a few fires, we intend to be around for a long time to come.

The Fire Brigade were really quick and all our emergency plans worked.
The works are in full production this morning.

Baker & Finnemore News

May 3, 2013

Baker & Finnemore News

Two key members of the Baker & Finnemore are Paul Watkins-Burke, and Ian Styles, both of them joining the company approximately 5 years ago.

Paul’s responsibilities include purchasing, IT, production planning and general site management. He consistently took the initiative and immersed himself in almost all processes at Baker & Finnemore and successfully reduced costs, improved productivity and visibility to the production process and brought Baker & Finnemore’s computer systems into the 21st century. Starting as Purchasing Manager, Paul has now been promoted to Operations Manager to more accurately reflect the wide range of tasks he takes on board.

Ian Styles joined the company as a young enthusiastic sales clerk with ambition, an open mind and a willingness to learn. Having only two years’ experience in a sales position, Ian had his work cut out to learn Baker & Finnemore’s extensive product range and how the company produces this range, however what was lacked in experience was more than made up for in imitative and Ian quickly gained a ‘no nonsense’ reputation where customer service comes first. Now promoted to Sales Manager continues to run this department with this customer orientated attitude, and continues to gain experience and a disciplined knowledge of all business aspects by furthering his education to Degree Level.


Baker & Finnemore Ltd Distribution Notice

November 23, 2012

Baker & Finnemore Ltd Distribution Notice

From 2 January 2013 the long standing Distribution Agreement between Baker & Finnemore and BV Pressmetaal covering sales to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Switzerland will come to end.

BVP Pressmetaal will not be able to purchase or distribute Starlock® products, nor any other similar fasteners, capped or uncapped from

2 January 2013.

It is our intention to ensure that all the Distributors and their customers currently served through BV Pressmetaal will have the minimum disruption. We are working with BV Pressmetaal to achieve a smooth transfer to the new Distribution Network..

Any queries should be sent to our Internal Sales Manager

Full details of the Baker & Finnemore Distribution Network will be available on this website from 2 January 2013.





Baker and Finnemore Limited (home of the Starlock® Push on Fasteners)

November 2, 2012

Baker and Finnemore Limited (home of the Starlock® Push on Fasteners)

Starlock Baker & Finnemore Ltd



From 1849 to the Present Day

Baker and Finnemore Limited (home of the Starlock® Push on Fasteners)

Baker and Finnemore began as a pen manufacturer named “Wagner Steel Pens” owned by German industrialist Charles Wagner in 1849 on the site of 1 James Street near St Paul’s Square.

At this time Birmingham led the world in the manufacture of Steel pen nibs and Wagner chose Daniel Baker and Joseph Finnemore to help him in establishing the company. Finnemore was a toolmaker and son of clergyman William Finnemore, who had learned his toolmaking trade under George Wells of Hinks-Wells a major Pen supplier in the 1840’s. He had patented several machines to improve the manufacture of steel pens while at Hinks-Wells. When he left Hinks-Wells he attempted to open his own pen manufacture with Joseph Evans in 1845 as partners in Evans and Finnemore; however, this was unsuccessful and he subsequently became works manager at Wagner Pens in November 1850.

Daniel Baker began work as a warehouseman alongside Finnemore at Hinks-Wells in 1839. In 1841 he worked for J. A. Chatwin (Pin Manufacturers) and in 1849 worked for Wagner Steel Pens as an accountant.

Wagner subsequently wished to go into hardware manufacture, so Baker and Finnemore bought out Wagner, changed the name to Baker and Finnemore and began to produce pens for themselves in James Street.

Wagner eventually became a Director of the Joint Stock Bank in Birmingham, which later became part of Lloyds Bank.

In his spare time, Finnemore became a Weslyan preacher at Finch Road, Handsworth while he worked full time in the business.

Baker became a Finance Director at the St Phillips Building Society (later part of Birmingham Midshires) as well as Chairman of the Local Board of Balsall Heath PDC. He held atheist views and became The National Secular Society Vice President.

Baker and Finnemore prospered into one of the top Pen Manufacturers in the World with 105 workers.

Finnemore died in 1874 of a heart attack. Baker continued the business under the stewardship of Joseph Barnwell his Great Nephew as Works Manager. Baker purchased Finnemore’s share holding for £1250. Upon Baker’s death in 1897 Joseph Barnwell assumed full ownership. When Joseph Barnwell’s died in 1910 the company was valued at £7500(roughly £500000 in today’s money).

He passed the business on to his sons, Leslie and Arthur Barnwell, who bought the premises of 199 Newhall Street in 1911 and incorporated Baker & Finnemore as a Limited Company.

Arthur bought out Leslie just before the Second World War and brought in new people such as Tom Sadler and George Griffiths to run the company. He died in 1953 passing control on to his son, Edward Barnwell, and Tom Sadler.

It was around this time that Sales Manager Wilfred Sharman developed Starlock® washers which proved so popular they surpassed Pen nibs and pressings as the main manufacture.

1964 saw the start of Starlocks® being sold all over Europe.

Edward Barnwell died in 1971 passing control on to John Barnwell who ran the company throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s until there was an MBO in 1996. Derek Sharp (who was Barnwell’s works Director) now assuming the Managing Directors role.

In July 2012 German based Gebr. Titgemeyer of Osnabruck, one of Baker & Finnemore’s oldest European customers, purchased all shares in the Company. Just as it was in 1850 at the start, Baker & Finnemore has now come back into German ownership.


Starlock New YouTube Channel

September 10, 2012

Starlock New YouTube Channel

Baker & Finnemore Ltd Press Release

September 4, 2012

Baker & Finnemore Ltd Press Release


The Directors of Gebruder Titgemeyer Beteiligungsgesellshaft (Titgemeyer) are delighted to announce that they have completed the purchase of Baker and Finnemore (Bakfin™).

Titgemeyer is a family owned group of companies based in Osnabruck in Germany. This purchase increases their commitment to UK manufacturing and is complementary to their existing company based in Tipton (Titgemeyer U.K).

Bakfin™, based in Newhall Street in Birmingham, are best known as the manufacturers of the Starlock® spring steel fastener and other specialised pressings. Like Titgemeyer they are over 110 years old and have been a supplier to Titgemeyer since the 1960’s.

Manfred Titgemeyer told the workforce at Bakfin™ that the Company would continue to trade as an independent Company within the Titgemeyer Group under the name of Baker and Finnemore, based here in Birmingham. The intention is to support and grow their new acquisition.  With the strength of the multi-national Titgemeyer Group behind it there will be every opportunity to expand export sales beyond the already impressive 50% of production.

David Harrison has taken over as Managing Director. He has many years’ experience of the Fastener Industry, having previously been Managing Director of Titgemeyer (UK) and of Lintite Systems within the Linread Group.

Further details about the companies can be found at and

DG Harrison

August 2012

Baker & Finnemore Ltd

199 Newhall St

Birmingham B3  1SN

Baker & Finnemore Ltd exhibition NEC

September 4, 2012

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